關於 Mylife Design / 創力特

創力特資訊 成立於1997 年,公司主要的營業項目為大樓自動化以及智能家居系統產品研發生產銷售,台灣為主要的銷售市場,主要客戶均為系統工程商為主。

2016年成立 MyLife 生活創意購物網,提供生活的常用必備用品、全球新創商品、智慧型商品、時尚簡約設計產品等精選線上購物服務。

MyLife 買生活、點亮你的生活平台所提供的服務內容,主要引進全球新創公司推出的有創意、具設計感、實用(多功能)、環保、節能減碳等生活用品。在歐美風行的樂活戶外休閒風潮,近幾年在台灣也逐漸蔓延開來,要活得精采、健康就是要動,又貼心的創意設計用品的輔助,將更增添活動的樂趣及安全性。

因此MyLife平台成立的宗旨,是希望能將具有環保、節能、安全、便利設計的商品普及化,落實環保概念,以實際行動呵護地球,讓環境更美好,生活更快樂、更健康!MyLife 買生活、點亮你的生活平台,在此也誠摯地邀請國內外具有創新、兼具設計感及實用性的商品廠家,歡迎加入我們的行列!讓您對環境友善的用心也讓全世界都能看到!、感受到!


Tranliter Company was established in 1997. Our company’s main business is to develop, manufacture, and sales of building automation and smart home systems. Taiwan is our main sales market, and the main customers are the companies from systems engineering industry.

Over the past few years, our business encountered a major issue which is less and less people are willing to engage in week system engineering. The existing technicians have begun to face the ageing phenomenon. Therefore, it caused a gap between the old and the young in specialized planning, design capability and on-site construction management. This phenomenon evolved into a serious flaw in the overall quality of the project, along with price cuts as a result of competition.

Tranliter Company is going to comprehensive restructuring in 2016 and ready to introduction global optimization, simplified, and practical merchandise into Taiwan. In order to meet our current customers’ demand and for satisfying consumption habits in Taiwan. We opened an EC online shop which called MyLife this year. We would like to bring some unique, well designed, environmental friendly and functional products to the Taiwanese market.